How To Donate


It has been said that in a city steeped in the rich history of the jewelry industry, Capron Park Zoo is the crown jewel of Attleboro. The Friends want to make sure that—with regular funding of continued improvements at the Zoo—this analogy will hold true for years to come. 

Look around the zoo and see what the Friends have accomplished: over $200,000 in funding that has assisted in the construction of the Boardwalk, Lemur Islands, the Splashpad Playspace, White Lion acquisition and a host of other projects.

Funding must be an ongoing effort in order to ensure that the Zoo's projects continue to get the funding that's needed. When the Passport to Africa event was initiated, it was amazing how enthusiastic each Friends member and the community became when they realized this could be the start of a successful annual event that will showcase past efforts funded by the Friends and what the future holds. The possibilities for new exhibits and projects at the Zoo are unlimited, and with your support we can make these visions a reality. 

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Individuals are more than welcome to contribute any amount. It is these generous donations that make up a significant amount of our support. If you woud like to make a contribution, please email us your name and contact information, or click on the PayPal "Buy Now" button below:



Corporate sponsors and members of the business community are also welcome to make donations. A special fund just recently set up with the help of one generous donor is the Veterinary Care Trust Fund. A corporate donation to the Friends is a great public relations vehicle to promote the charitable efforts of any business or corporation.


If you have a business and are interested in making a donation or becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact our Corporate Development Director.