Zoo Quest Adventures

You've seen pictures and read the stories...and even seen the animals themselves from afar. Now-come and experience Capron Park Zoo from an entirely viewpoint!


Zoo Quest Adventures is an amazing and personal behind the scenes experience that will take you places few visitors ever go. You will start your tour by seeing the Rainforest from the INSIDE, enjoying the lush beauty of this exhibit and see it's residents in a truly immersive fashion. Next you will take a quick peek at the zoo's kitchen area and then venture out to LEMUR ISLAND where you will learn about the Black and White Ruffed Lemurs while the move around you...OR...step into the world of the charismatic and friendly Visayan Warty Pig. Make sure you give them a scratch! From there you will meet up with a Zookeeper and visit the Bear Den and meet our two Sloth Bears as they bed down for the night. Finally, stand right in front of our lion pride as the keeper brings them in and feeds them.


This amazing, behind-the-scenes adventure is something no zoo or wildlife fanatic should miss!


Space and times are limited - make sure to set up your encounter today!


FEE: $100/person

You MUST be AT LEAST 12 years old to participate